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Come Enjoy The Holidays in the Village
of La Jolla!

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The 67th Annual

La Jolla Christmas Parade

& Holiday Festival


The Holiday Festival is located on Wall Street (between Girard & the alley by the Athenaeum). The Christmas Parade kicks off at Kline & Girard.

Sunday, December 3rd, 2023 The Holiday Festival opens @ 11:30 am and the Christmas Parade kickoffs @ 1:30 pm.


Help Us Continue The Tradition!

2023 La Jolla Christmas Parade & Holiday Festival

Sponsorship Opportunities & Benefits


Sponsors and Donors will be listed on the event website and recognized in prominent signage in the Holiday Festival and along the Parade Route. Legacy Banners will be intermingled with floats and other entries as they proceed down the Parade Route, and their names will be included in announcements from the five broadcast booths along the Parade route. Sponsors and Donors will be acknowledged in all Christmas Parade and Holiday Festival press releases and other media. This includes listing in the printed Parade Program displayed on our website.

Volunteer With Us

We need your help to make this event possible!

Event Chairs

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where and when is the La Jolla Christmas Parade and Holiday Festival?
    In the village of La Jolla on Sunday, December 3, 2023.
  • Is this a free event?
  • Is the event open to anyone?
    Everyone is welcome to participate and spectate as they enjoy a festive day in La Jolla.
  • What is the duration of the event?
    The Holiday Festival is open from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm. The Parade starts at 1:30 pm and lasts for about 90 minutes.
  • Is the event safe?
    The City of San Diego provides Police and other Security services to ensure a safe event.
  • Is the event ADA accessible?
    Yes.  All streets comply with ADA regulations. In addition, there is a designated ADA area (see "Parade Map").
  • Where do I park my vehicle?
    Outside the event perimeter. Refer to "No Parking Map".
  • Will the event be cancelled due to inclement weather?
    The event has never in its 66-year history been cancelled. The organizers will continue this rain-or-shine policy unless a freak storm should arrive. The City of San Diego direction will, of course, be followed.
  • Are the Parade and Festival separate events?
    No -- they are two parts of the same event. The Holiday Festival opens at 11:30 AM at Girard & Wall Streets and the Parade starts at Kline & Girard at 1:30 PM. The Event closes at 4:00PM.
  • Where does Parade end?
    At the La Jolla Recreation Center at the junction of Draper and Prospect Streets. Refer to "Parade Map".
  • May I donate to the La Jolla Christmas Parade & Holiday Festival Foundation?
    Yes. The Parade is organized and managed by a 501c3 foundation, and all organizers are volunteers.  The Foundation is entirely supported by donations from community businesses and members. The costs (permits, security, administration, portable toilets, event barriers and tables, cleanup, etc.) increase every year, and we very much appreciate any and all donations. Donate Online Donate By Mail Donor Support Letter
  • May I volunteer to help with the event?
    Yes. Please fill out and submit the volunteer inquiry form.
  • Are there convenient toilet facilities?
    Yes. See "Parade Map" for locations.
  • Is food available?
    This event is in the main commercial district of La Jolla. There is a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and snack bars who will be pleased to serve you.
  • Is public transportation to the event available?
    Yes. Please refer to MTS.
  • What is the Christmas Parade?
    It is a traditional holiday Parade with bands, floats, equestrians, vintage vehicles, dog units, Marshals representing community leaders, schools, and community service organizations.
  • Who can enter the Parade?
    Any person or group or organization can submit an entry for approval. Slots are limited and priority is given to members of the La Jolla and San Diego community. Entries should demonstrate the spirit of the Holiday Season. They may integrate modest promotion of products and organizations, but the event organizers are likely to reject entries who solely focus on that aspect.
  • What is the time window for Parade registration?
    Interested Parade entrants must enter by October 31. Register Here
  • May I choose where my entry will be placed in the Parade order?
    No.  The organizers must have the discretion to choose the order that is best for the event.
  • Who is the coordinator who will communicate with the leader of my Parade entrant?
    Your entry must include designation of a leader of your group. The Parade organizers will assign a coordinator to communicate with this leader.  After entry confirmation, this communication link should be established by the coordinator. If this has not happened,  please send an email to
  • May I make changes to a confirmed entry?
    Yes, subject to the following constraints. The Parade includes a printed program, so changes to that information must be submitted at least two weeks before the event. Also, there are space limitations, so changes that increase the size of your entry must be approved by the organizers.
  • How do I cancel my entry?
    Email with your entrant name.
  • Are Parade entrants allowed to distribute items to spectators?
    Yes. But they must hand them out (i.e., throwing items is forbidden).
  • May a parade entry dress as Santa?
    No! Only one Santa will be allowed.  This "official" Santa will be at the Holiday Festival and will also be the at the end of the Parade and thereby signal its conclusion.
  • What is the Holiday Festival?
    The organizer call the location Santa's Village. It features Santa visits for children, arts-and-crafts, games, music, and face-painting.
  • May I be a part of the Holiday Festival?
    Space is limited. Please describe your concept by emailing

Special Thanks to In-kind Sponsors

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